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Replica AS36C BLACK (ECU Version)AR-006E
Replica AS36C BLACK (ECU Version)AR-006E Replica AS36C BLACK (ECU Version)AR-006E Replica AS36C BLACK (ECU Version)AR-006E Replica AS36C BLACK (ECU Version)AR-006E Replica AS36C BLACK (ECU Version)AR-006E Replica AS36C BLACK (ECU Version)AR-006E

Replica AS36C BLACK (ECU Version)AR-006E

  • Modelo:3090
  • Cantidad:
  • Fabricante:ARES
  • Visitas:305
  • Valoración: comment rank 5


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6mm BB
510mm - 720mm
Bateria Recomienda
LiPO 7.4V
V2 Rolamentada (8mm)
High Torque
Hop Up
2700 gramos
400 Rounds
Modo de Disparo
Safe / Semi / 2nd Burst / Full Auto (EFCS - Electric Fire Control System)
ARES AS36 (G36) is certainly the best simulacrum of this rifle in AEG format in the world, it is perfectly compatible with the real weapon, with all its internal mechanism in metal and is external in reinforced polymer what is necessary, strong and very precise . The HK G36 is an assault rifle developed by Heckler and Koch of Germany, from its creation was heavily loaded in the world by Armed Forces and elite groups of the police by, by their weight, easy handling and trust also became the standard rifle in the armies of Germany, Spain, Norway, Jordan and Mexico. The big advantage of HK is the main one, which makes the rifle much lighter. In Brazil it is the standard rifle of the Federal Police. Ares is recognized as one of the best manufacturers of Airsoft in the World. By purchasing a rifle, you can enter the world by selecting the most demanding and experienced interfaces on the planet. Like AEG's Ares Aretras, they are synonymous with quality, precision and performance, as are all firearms. The set of pieces and their materials is what makes the quality level of a weapon. Based on this, an Ares produces all its rifles with the best, high quality metal gearbox, all rolled (8mm bearings), pistons with steel teeth, internal components with light and ultra light alloy -resistant and most importantly, with technological innovations totally exclusive ARES such as:

EFCS SYSTEM: (Fire Control System) known as electronic trigger and electronic control system? this system eliminates the biggest problem of all AEGS, the wear of trigger and the change of levers, the right expense to buy an ARES.
Also, take the chance to shoot, become much faster, lighter and more sensitive and preserving your entire inner weapon.
RVTSTM SYSTEM: (Rapid Velocity Tuning System) - As the Ars are designed with the system that allows a quick and easy change of spring and spring guide, so you can easily change the spring to change your remote control system.
Ares already comes as 6.03mm precision, high-torque 1000 RPM motor that delivers a high cadence of shots. They are fully compatible with LiPo and LiFePo batteries.
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