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Pistola ACP601MD
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Pistola ACP601MD Pistola ACP601MD

Pistola ACP601MD

  • Modelo:0616
  • Cantidad: 6
  • Fabricante:APS
  • Visitas:1962
  • Valoración: comment rank 5


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Por favor, lease atentamente la instruccion de carga de co2 del cargador:
1. Gira la rosca plateada que situa en el centro del tapon en sentido contrareloj hasta tope (Sin aplicar fuerza bruta)
2. Desenrosca el tapon de parte exterior en sentido contrareloj hasta sacarlo.
3. Introducir la botella de CO2 boca abajo en el cargador asegurando que no haya objeto extraño en su interior.
4. Enrosca el tapon por parte exterior en sentido Reloj hasta que se quede fijo.
5. Apretar la rosca plateada en sentido Reloj hasta maximo (Sin aplicar fuerza bruta) y después gira la rosca plateada en sentido contrareloj una vuelta.






Con Fibra Optica Real


*** Fail to screw the magazine end cap properly may result in low FPS, weak blow back cycle and no slide lock when magazine is empty

Please read instruction manual or view our instruction video carefully on how to screw the magazine end cap properly.

Por favor, lea el manual de instruccion (Etiqueta Amarilla) para realizar el correcto carga en el cargador.

Patented design

The Action Combat Pistol has a patented designed external appearance. The Dark Earth version of our ACP is striking and unique to look at. Furthermore, order it with one of our patented camouflage options and you will have a pistol like no other out there. The size and weight are similar to a real firearm pistol and as such, it can be fit into a real firearm hostler. The material that is used in its lower frame has the same material of the real firearm used. The handling and recoil is superb which then provides realism to the user.

Co2 surpass the Top Gas

ACP601 is powered by a .12g Co2 canister which are easy to find and purchase in the stores or supermarkets. Simply inserting one Co2 canister allows you to fire up to 70 rounds. There is no denying that Co2 works better than Top Gas (Green Gas) in cold weather. We charged and operated our ACP601 in 5°C / 41°F and the test results were positive. Our Action Combat 601 works better than any other Top Gas guns in extreme weather. The velocity of the pistol stays in the 340 – 370 FPS range, which is beyond comparison than any other Top Gas Pistol. Basically put. If you want to keep your FPS accurate and consistent then the ACP is the pistol to buy.

Aftermarket parts compatibility

ACP601 use's common parts which are compatible with the major leading brands in the market. For Instance, our Co2 magazine can be used in TM and WE pistols. Upgrades and modifications are possible. Performance parts can be used and external accessories can be mounted. Our ACP601 is designed for Airsoft War Games, or even upgradable to professional IPSC guns, this is totally the users choice.

To conclude, a fair quality pistol can be easily found in the market. But a good quality pistol is hard to get. The best quality pistol even never exists until the Action Combat was born. With its patented design and its high compatibility with parts and accessories across the board, we believe Action Combat is the best pistol amongst its competitors.

Caliber: 6mm BB

Inner barrel size: 6.03mm

Energy Source: 1 x 12g Co2 Canister

Velocity: 280~350 FPS (Upon Request)

Maximum Range: 60 Meters

Effective Range: 35 Meters

Fire Selector: Safe / Semi Auto

Magazine Capacity : 25 + 1 Rounds

Length 18.4cm(L)

Weight: 0.78 kg

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